Russian, Belarusian media hail Vietnamese efforts to fight COVID-19

VOV.VN - Various media outlets from both Russia and Belarus have delivered a glowing assessment of the Vietnamese efforts to effectively bring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) under control.

An article published on Russian news website states that a national steering board on epidemic prevention and control was quickly established in Vietnam upon the COVID-19’s detection, with health workers and equipment being mobilised extremely quickly.

Moreover, the article states that the efforts of the Vietnamese people alongside those of the government to tackle the disease have been major factors in the country’s victory.

The Southeast Asian nation has since presented over five tonnes of medical supplies to Russia, including 370,000 face masks, a fact that has been widely covered by various Russian news outlets, according to the TASS news agency.

In addition, Vietnam is also poised to provide additional medical supplies to Russia in the future, it added.

In an article published by Belarusian website titled, “How Vietnam defeated coronavirus”, the piece explains the reasons for Vietnamese success in tackling the COVID-19 through an interview conducted by a local businessperson.  

The article notes Vietnam’s long border with China, adding that since the pandemic first broke out, the nation has recorded just over 300 COVID-19 cases, with no deaths.

In order to accomplish this tremendous feat, the country has spared no efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19, with the nation keeping close tabs on flights from abroad, in addition to ordering schools to close at an early stage, it noted.