GOPFP celebrates its 50th anniversary

A press conference was held in Hanoi on November 30 to mark the 50th anniversary of the General Office for Population and Family Planning (GOPFP).

Over the past 50 years, the GOPFP has obtained remarkable achievements in changing the population structure positively, improving the average life expectancy and controlling the fast population growth.

The average number of children per household in Vietnam has dropped remarkably, from six in 1960 to two in 2009, and the sex ratio at birth in 2011 is 111.7 boys to 100 girls.

GOPFP Head, Duong Quoc Trong, said the country will focus on comprehensive measures to enhance the quality of population and the health condition of mothers and children and take advantage of golden age structure.

At the press conference the GOPFP officially announced a National Action Month for Population in 2011.