COVID-19: No new cases in four consecutive days

VOV.VN - Vietnam has confirmed no new coronavirus cases during the past 24 hours, keeping its tally of infections at 1,044 and its death toll at 34, the Ministry of Health said on September 2 morning.

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Checking passengers' body temperature at bus stations is a must to prevent the virus from spreading in the community.
This is the fourth day in a row that Vietnam has been safe from the SARS-CoV-2 virus since the second wave of the coronavirus outbreak attacked Da Nang city, central Vietnam, in late July.

As of 06.00hrs September 2, Vietnam has registered 690 cases of community transmission, including 550 cases closely linked to the Da Nang outbreak.

Doctors have already cured 735 out of 1,044 COVID-19 patients at various health facilities across the country. September 1 alone saw 28 patients recover from the disease and discharged from hospital.

Among nearly 300 cases under treatment, 118 have tested negative for the virus and many of them are expected to be released from hospital in the coming days.

Thirty-four deaths have been recorded since the virus spread in the country in January 2020, but they have all been counted following the resurgence of the virus in late July.

Most of the deaths were elderly people who suffered from serious diseases such as end-stage chronic kidney failure, end-stage blood cancer, coronary syndrome, acute respiratory failure, polyarthritis, hypertension, diabetes (Types 2), sepsis, pneumonia, and multi-organ failure.  

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