Vietnamese Embassy in Russia celebrates 75th National Day

VOV.VN - Celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of Vietnamese National Day were solemnly held on September 2 by the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia, with a large number of embassy staff, neighbouring agencies, and representatives of the Vietnamese Association in the Russian Federation participating.

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Ambassador Ngo Duc Manh delivers a speech marking the 75th anniversary of Vietnam's National Day
During the course of the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Ngo Duc Manh gave a welcoming speech which highlighted a number of significant milestones in the nation's glorious history, stretching from the earliest days of independence through to the period of economic recovery and national construction.

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam for the past 75 years, the Vietnamese people have recorded a range of outstanding achievements during the process of national construction and development, the Ambassador emphasised. Indeed, he used the speech as a chance to stress the success of the Doi Moi, Renewal, process which was first launched in 1986 and has helped to ensure political stability, whilst simultaneously moving the country out of the group of underdeveloped nations to become a middle-income developing country.

Due to these efforts, the nation’s position, prestige, and diplomatic relations are looking increasingly strong within an international context.

Even with the global impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Vietnamese economy has still been able to achieve positive growth. Recent times have seen the nation be active in participating in international integration, in addition to enjoying ever-increasing foreign investment inflows aimed at strengthening scientific, defence, and security capacity, the local diplomat said.

Ambassador Manh attributed the success and achievements of the country to the great contributions made by the diplomatic sector.

In pursuit of a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, multilateralisation, and diversification of international relations, the nation has maintained positive relations with neighbouring countries throughout the region, whilst also making important contributions to the building of the ASEAN Community.

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It has also strived to establish and upgrade many relationships to a level of comprehensive strategic partnership, as well as actively being involved in regional and international organisations and forums as a method of building and shaping multilateral institutions, rules, and standards.

Furthermore, the Ambassador stressed that this year, as well as being the 75th anniversary of National Day, is also the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and the former Soviet Union, now the Russian Federation.

Both sides have been forced to overcome challenging times and fluctuations in order to enjoy a reliable and constantly-developing relationship. Most notably, bilateral political relations remain highly reliable and ultimately offer a foundation for stepping up extensive co-operation across multiple fields.

The ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of Vietnamese National Day took place after Ambassador Manh, his wife, staff of the embassy, and representatives of the Vietnamese Association in the Russian Federation, laid wreaths in commemoration of President Ho Chi Minh at his Monument based in Moscow.


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