Egyptian press highlights growing importance of Vietnam in global geopolitics

VOV.VN - Renowned Egyptian journalist Kamal Gaballa has written a detailed analysis in Arabic which praises the nation’s outstanding achievements throughout its 75-year history as part of the buildup to the 75th National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which falls on September 2.

egyptian press highlights growing importance of vietnam in global geopolitics hinh 0
Written in the 'Events and Comments' column for the Al-Ahram online newspaper, the most prestigious electronic newspaper in Egypt, on August 31st, Gaballa outlined the great successes recorded by the nation ahead of its National Day.

The author went on to review a number of significant milestones throughout the heroic 75-year history of the Vietnamese nation, detailing events from President Ho Chi Minh reading the Declaration of Independence at the historic Ba Dinh Square, to victories won against French colonialism and American imperialism.

Furthermore, the article underlined the historical significance of September 2, 1945, a day which saw the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, making the country the people's first democratic regime in Southeast Asia, whilst ending the period in which the nation was subjugated to both colonialism and fascism. As a result, the Vietnamese people went from being slaves to the masters of their own destiny as they now belonged to an independent country.

Most notably, the Communist Party of Vietnam fought and won great victories in 1954 and 1975, therefore transforming the nation into a peaceful and united place. Following the implementation of the Doi Moi (Renewal) process, often called “renewal" in English, the country was able to remove itself from the challenging situation and maintain political stability whilst enjoying the results of tremendous achievements in socio-economic development and external relations.

During the 2011 to 2020 period, the nation’s macro-economy remained stable with inflation being controlled and maintained at a low level, therefore creating a favourable environment and a driving force for greater socio-economic development. Indeed, despite the negative impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the first half of the year witnessed Vietnamese GDP enjoy a positive growth rate of 1.81%.

In relation to foreign affairs, the country has been able to establish strategic and comprehensive partnerships with 30 countries globally. At present, the nation is playing an increasingly important role on the global political and diplomatic map, this is largely through its roles as ASEAN Chair and a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, as well as contributions made by its peacekeeping forces, the article said.

Moreover, the author also reviewed a number of major milestones in the history of Vietnam and Egypt over the past 57 years, especially with regard to President Ho Chi Minh's role in laying a foundation for bilateral relations due to his proposal to open a Vietnamese trade office in Egypt in 1958.